Filter Search and Customize

Some things I haven’t really gone into are advanced search features and customization.

Gear (Tools?) Menu:

Filter Search Dialog:

First lets look at the “Filter Search” dialog. This should look kind of familiar for those who’ve used the “Advanced Search” link on Google, Yahoo etc.

When you’re done just click “Search” and it’ll update the results with your filter.

Customize Dialog:

The “Customize…” dialog, is for customizing the search page. This is where you can choose which search engines are in the search panel. This is also where you choose how you want your results shown, plus how and when to load them. “Instant Search”- searches while you type. “Infinite Scroll”- auto loads the next results as you scroll down.

These next two images show what you might come up with if you go for mostly small search providers.

Now your default is “Custom Search Page”.

If you want to go back to the other page settings just select “Google” from the dropdown menu.

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